About EVE


What is EVE? 

EVE is an online application specialized in managing events and event registration at the University of Toronto.  It is designed to facilitate the interaction between event registrants and organizers, allowing users to track their events through their EVE accounts, and organizers can keep registrants up to date with event listings and notifications. 


Why is it called EVE? 

EVE is named after the word “eve” with the meaning “the night before,” or “the evening before”.  We realize most people, in preparation for their next day, would want to know about the upcoming events, and EVE is to provide that information.  It is also short for “event”.  We capitalize all three characters, so it is noeasily confused as a person’s name.   


Who can use EVE? 

Any individual with an active UTORid can sign-in to EVE to register events.  Only UTORids with at least one affiliation (faculty, staff, student) will work.  EVE Public is now in Beta, which will allow anyone with social media accounts to login and register to events that are designated to be public. 


How to get EVE? 

If you are interesting in getting EVE please visit:  https://help.eve.utoronto.ca/support-docs/administrators-guide/getting-started/getting-eve/


Why was EVE created? 

EVE was created under the sponsorship of the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) and was built by the Academic, Research & Collaborative (ARC) group within Information Technology Services (ITS), part of the CIO portfolio.  The original goal of the application was to track certificate programs and completion via workshop or consultation events, within the Teaching Assistant Training Program (TATP).  In 2019, a partnership was formed between ITS and the Centre for Research Support & Innovation (CRIS) within Research & Innovation, and as a result, further enhancements were incorporated into the application.