How To Get EVE

Administrators Guide

Requesting EVE

Any department at the University can apply to have an Op Unit within EVE.  The annual fee for a single department (Op Unit) is $400 and $1200 for a division (unlimited Op Units within a divisional subdomain).

To request EVE or get support for EVE please go to ServiceNow/ESC and proceed with the follow steps:

  1. Choose “IT Service Centre”
  2. Go to “Get Help”
  3. Fill out the ticket submission form, to ensure the ticket be sent to us directly please choose the following “areas”:

Please indicate the area in which you are experiencing an issue: Website Solutions (Web Services, Hosting, Consulting)

Further specify the area: EVE Event Management System

What is an Op Unit?

Short for Operational Unit, it represents a group of administrators and event organizers.  An Op Unit can host an unlimited number of events, registrants, organizers, and admins. They have their own subdomain under EVE, for example, a Op Unit within a division would be https://[dept].[division] or a single Op Unit https://[dept]  As an administrator of an Op Unit, you have unlimited access to the data collected from the events.