Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the features of EVE?

EVE offers the following features:
  1. Conferences, workshops, and consultation management
  1. Auto-email confirmation with registrants
  1. Schedulable and customizable reminder emails
  1. Customizable registration forms
  1. Waiting list and auto-queue
  1. Attendance
  1. Organizers, roles and permissions
  1. File sharing with event attendees
  1. Bulk email to event registrants
  1. Schedulable and customizable post-event evaluation forms
  1. Certificate program management
  1. and more
Check out the About EVE page to learn about the application and how to get started using EVE.

Can we book meeting rooms via EVE?

No, unfortunately EVE does not have an integration with any room booking system, yet.  We will explore ways to make this more convenient for you in the future.

Can EVE be used for contact tracing during the pandemic?

Yes and no.  It is possible to use the registration feature to know ahead of time of who is coming to your events, and take attendance within conferences or workshops to know who was present during the event.  Similarly, marking a consultation/meeting as complete indicates the meeting participants were physical in the same place.  However, we do not have built-in seating plans for tracking how close individuals were.

What are the differences between a conference and a workshop?

A conference provides a timetable with sub-events (imagine breakout sessions) and each sub-event has its own registration, if enabled.  There is currently no attendance tracking within sub-events, however.

What are the levels of system access?  How much control do we have?

Most features within EVE are controlled by a permission system.   Permissions are granted to various Roles, which are defined and created by Admins.  Users can be assigned multiple roles, and as long as one of their roles contain the permission to perform a certain action, they can carry out those actions.  We refer to users who have limited permissions within an operational unit as Event Organizers. Admins, on the other hand, have unlimited access to an operational unit within EVE.  Event Organizers have the option to request an event to be published by an admin if they have no event publishing permission themselves.

Can we charge for ticket sales?

No, currently there is no payment processing available from EVE.  It is in our vision to incorporate this feature in the near future.

Can we download user’s email for sending out newsletter?

Yes, you can download your attendees’ email via the data tab of an event.  However, please make sure they are informed of subscribing to your newsletter and present an option to unsubscribe.

Why is EVE auto-deleting files stored within an event?

To free-up storage space, and most importantly, comply with FIPPA guidelines, files are removed from the EVE application after a set number of days as defined by the operational unit admin.  The maximum allowable storage period is adjustable by your operational unit admin but have the highest possible value of 820 days.