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Attendees and Certificate Registrants Guide

In this section you can see 2 tables. One of which shows upcoming events for you, and the second one shows those events that you have already visited.

In the columns of these tables you can see the name of the event, the date and time of the event, the venue of the event and the type of it (workshop, conference, etc.). Also in the table with your upcoming events you can see your registration status (approved, disapproved, waiting for approval).

You can go to a new page and see more about event, by clicking on the name of it. If you need to find a specific event you will be attending, there is a search button on the right above the table with upcoming events. The same function is available for past events.

Also you can display from 10 to 100 events in one table by clicking on the button – show entries, and selecting the displayed number.