Tips and Tricks

Administrators Guide

What are email templates? 

Email templates are customizable emails that the system will use to send out your emails.  You can customize email templates within the System section or for each event.  An email template for an event takes precedence over the System defined ones.  There are four customizable email templates:  

  • Registration emails 
  • Reminder emails 
  • Status Change emails 
  • Post event reminder emails 

What is the purpose of the Excel attendance sheet export? 

The attendance sheet has two purposes: allows you to reformat it for printing out, in cases such as adding a signature box for sign-in; there is also a column called “attendance,” and you can mark the cells of the column and re-upload the document to the EVE and the attendance records will automatically update.  

What is a “Master Attendance Sheet”? 

The Master Attendance Sheet is an admin feature which allows you to predefine and format an Excel attendance sheet to be used by your operational unit.  You can add the pre-defined placeholders into your Master Attendance Sheet to redefine the fields.  Please refer to the on-screen instructions under System > Master Attendance Sheet for detailed customization. 

How many events can be featured on the home page? 

The maximum number of featured events to be displayed on the home section is three (3) for each operational unit.  When more than three events are set to be featured, the most recent three events in the future will be displayed. 

What are event categories, and how are they used? 

Event categories are used by Certificate Programs.  To fulfill a certificate’s requirements, criteria are set to control the number of events a certificate registrant must complete within certain event categories.  These settings are available within Certificate Programs. 

What are event tags, and how are they used? 

Event tags are for the purpose of being display only.  We have plans to implement searching of events by tags in the future.  

How do we control capacity for public events that are also available to U of T users?  

Since there is only one capacity setting for each event, you will want to make sure that University users are prioritized by publishing event without turning on the Public Event setting.  This will allow University users to register ahead of other public users.  Open the event to public, once you are satisfied by the number of University registrants.