Types of Events

Administrators Guide

NOTE: Links to online events (i.e Teams or Zoom) can be included in your events but EVE does not embed or run online events.

Conferences (and Symposiums)

Conferences are intended for large events that include sessions (sub-events). Sessions are shown in the event info as a timetable. The Conference can be set to allow registrants to register for sessions.

Sessions (Sub-Events)

Sessions are connected to a timeslot within its parent Conference. Sessions can also be assigned to a steam of the parent Conference. An example where a session might not be connected to a stream is a session for a keynote, the only event in that timeslot and assigning to a stream would not make sense.

Workshops (and Seminars)

Workshops are stand alone events. Workshops as part of a series can be linked with the relationship of: Follow up of, Followed by or Related to. These relationships can be seen by site users.

Meetings (and Consultations)

Meetings can be used on their own but using them as part of Certificate Program. Meetings can be requested by users (this can be disabled) or created in the Admin.