How To Create A User Role That Can Only Manage Events

Administrators Guide
  1. Log into the Admin then go to System > System Roles.
  2. Click the “Create a new system role”.
  3. Leave “Is Attendee Type” and “Allow users to select this role when registering to the application?” unchecked.
  4. Review and select the System Role Permissions within the Conference/Symposium, Workshop/Seminar and/or Consultation/Meeting sections that you would want the role to have.
    • Note: “Involved” means the specific user only has the specific permission only to events they have been assigned as an organizer to, i.e an Once an Admin assigned a user with the custom role to an event only from that point the user can manage that event.
  5. Confirm the “Can view admin” setting is checked off.
  6. Click the Submit button to save.

NOTE: At this time the use also must be assigned with the Organizer system role in addition to your new custom role. The system Organizer role is required for a user to show on the list of users when assigning a user as an organizer to an event.

Now the role is ready to be assigned to users.

To learn how to promote as user as an Admin and/Organizer, please read: How to Promote a User to be an Organizer and/or Admin in EVE