How to Promote a User to be an Organizer and Admin in EVE

Administrators Guide

NOTE: For a user to be able to be assigned as an organizer in an event they must have the Organizer system role, even users with the Admin system role.

If the user has not already logged into your Op Unit before have them do so. You can send an email from EVE using Invite a New User under Users and adjust the content of the email body before submitting.

  1. Find the user in the Users list and click on their name.
  2. In the Event Info tab click the Edit User Roles button in the User roles
  3. In the Roles column check the boxes beside Admin (system) and/or Organizer (system) then click the Submit button.

From this area you can also assign custom user roles if you have created them.

To create a custom user role with just event management permissions, please read: How To Create A User Role That Can Only Manage Events